Get the security of industry-leading warranties

Every Arcoaire® home comfort product is backed the way it’s built—to be the best. Arcoaire systems come with the confidence of long-lasting warranties. You can even extend coverage through dealers who participate in the HELP® (Homeowner’s Extended Labor Program) extended warranty program.

No Hassle Replacement™ limited Warranty
HELP® Extended Warranty
Standard Warranty
Protecting Your Warranty

To help you decide which Arcoaire product and warranty protection is best for you, select from the following at-a-glance comparisons.

No Hassle Replacement™ Limited Warranty

The Arcoaire No Hassle Replacement™ limited warranty assures of continued comfort—no worries, no questions. You get a replacement unit if a major component (the compressor, covered coil, or heat exchanger) should fail during the covered period. Ask your dealer for details.

The No Hassle Replacement™ limited warranty is matched to four mainline product groups:

NOTE:  Entry-level builder-grade products do not come with a No Hassle Replacement™ limited warranty.

Standard Warranty

10 year Parts limited warrantyYour Arcoaire home air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace carries a limited warranty on all functional parts. Most Arcoaire units feature an outstanding 10 year parts limited warranty. Arcoaire units featuring R22 refrigerant carry a solid 5 year parts limited warranty. Other key components, such as heat exchangers, may carry a longer limited warranty. Look for specific details in the product description, check the Warranty Certificate, or ask your dealer for information.

Split system units must be matched with a Arcoaire indoor coil or fan coil. Prior to replacing any unit, written authorization is required from the local Arcoaire distributor technical service contact to validate that the unit was installed properly and that the component did not fail as a result of abuse. Installation labor charges may apply. Contact installing dealer for labor charge details.

Protecting Your Warranty

You are required to provide proof of yearly maintenance service by a qualified service technician to keep your warranty valid. The dealer also needs the serial number and model number of your unit, so keep your original receipts. For assistance in filing claims, your dealer can contact the distributor, who is supported by International Comfort Products, LLC (ICP).

To register your product for warranty coverage visit http://www.icpusa.com/productregistration.

See the warranty certificate for further details:

Click on Dealer Locator to find the Arcoaire dealer nearest you or check your yellow pages.

Extended Service Agreement For Arcoaire® Heating & Cooling Products

Homeowner's Extended Labor ProgramThe HELP® program extends beyond manufacturer’s warranties to give you the ultimate peace of mind. You can cover both the costs of parts and labor, so you have no repair surprises and no out-of-pocket expenses for the life of the contract. If there’s a problem, all you do is call your HELP dealer who will promptly provide the needed service. If your original dealer is unavailable, have your contract transferred, at no additional cost, to another qualified HELP dealer.

Coverage Choices

Choose 2-year, 5-year, 7-year or 10-year HELP programs, available in parts/labor or labor-only* options.

*Subject to HELP terms and conditions. Risk management provided by Equiguard, Inc., and backed by an insurance underwriter company. Refer to the actual Extended Service Agreement for HELP terms and conditions.

Transfer Option

If you sell your home during the HELP contract time period, you can transfer the agreement to the new owners for a small fee.


Arcoaire Matched SystemTo keep your heating and cooling systems running at top efficiency and maximum comfort, you need routine preventive maintenance, not covered by your HELP agreement. The HELP program does not pay for parts to prevent a failure; the replacement of a part is covered only after it fails.

The installing dealer is responsible for all labor charges resulting from a failure during the first 121 days after installation. After that, the HELP program pays your dealer directly for any repair expenses.

Additionally, no coverage of: